Have a Good Sleep - you and your Bed-Bugs

Multi Action anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-insect application:

(Lasts up to 3 Months or 30 Washes)

 (Please see the Videos below)


Highly effective in repelling:

Mosquitos, Mites, Ants, Ticks, Midges, Black Flies, Wasps, Odours, Deer and Horse Flies, Bed Bugs, and many others....

Effectively Inhibits and reduce micro-organisms:

Wide range of bacteria, moulds, algae and yeasts, fungi and dustmites.

Thus making it a revolutionary pro active solution against:

Asthma, allergies, hay fever, eczema, bronchitis, snoring and other skin and respiratory problems.

Apply to the following:

Clothes, mattresses, carpets, curtains, towels, socks, shoes, pillows, dog beds, tents, soft toys, soft furnishings, fabrics, latex, polyester fillings, etc......

Approved by:

South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), SA Malaria Research Lead Program (MRC), Councils for Allergies and various accredited laboratories and research centres in United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand

Multi Action anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-insect application

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Real Solutions for Real Issues

Taken from the Healthguard website

Insect-repellent clothing has been around for a few years now, but this is the first time I’ve encountered a spray designed specifically for use on textiles. The theory makes sense: Instead of coating yourself in stinky chemicals, treat your clothing instead. And in practice? It’s effective. I tested it out on holiday recently and it seemed as if the whole area around me became a no-go zone for flying insects. Obviously the more clothing you wear, the greater the protection, so if you like to sit around the campfire in shorts and flip-flops, you’ll probably still need to keep the Tabard on standby. 
One application of HealthGuard is said to last for three months or 30??washes, so it’s more user-friendly than regular insect repellent, which needs to be reapplied regularly. 
-Mark Johnston 
Go Magazine

“Having read the info, I wanted to see if this product is all it’s made out to be! Arriving at Ponta de Ouro , the first thing I did after unpacking was to treat my Casita with a couple of sprays of Healtguard. You apply the product to clothes, mattresses, carpets, curtains, towels, socks, shoes, pillows, mosquito nets, tents etc.I locked my casita only to return about 2 hours later. On return to my casita’s I opened it and switched on the light to discover both the beds and floor full of dead insects. It was scary to think that all the bugs were hiding in the room. That night I slept like a log and got up the next morning without a bite or a itch! “ 
-Quinton Heymans  
Divestyle Magazine
Ever since you’ve introduced us to your product, Healthguard has been a way of life with my family.  We enjoy camping and love the outdoors but are more at home than at the outdoors. This product can be used effectively outdoors and indoors.  We have always dragged along mozzie coils and mosquito nets but lately we pack a can of Healtguard and our problems with mozzies disappear!

In the beginning we used only small amounts of the product trying to save money but soon realised that for it to work effectively you need to use the prescribed quantity.  Ever since we started following the instructions to the letter we’ve had no mozzies invading our personal space.

Thank you for introducing us to your fantastic product!

Yip - die Vital Protection van Healthguard is duur, maar baie baie effektief.  EK het dit laasjaar gekry omdat ek "Walking safari" in South Luangwa gaan doen het.

JVan ons groep is ek die enigste wat nooit gebyt was nie en ook geen bosluise ens. op my gekry het terwyl ons deur baie beboste dele en lang gras geloop het.  

Beste is dat dit biodegradable is.


Heleen Hayman
Just a short note to report back on the effectiveness of the Health Guard product.         

This last weekend, 11 guys went to Mozambique on what has become an annual "boy's weekend". Mosquito’s have always been a problem and as such we always go fully prepared with pads and sprays to ensure maximum protection. Despite all efforts to avoid being bitten, everyone gets bitten at some stage or the other.             

This was exactly the case on the first night in Mozambique, specifically for 6 of the guys who occupied outside rooms, we were all bitten. This prompted me to use the can of Health Guard. I followed instructions and sprayed everyone's sheets on the Friday night. The result was quite amazing---everyone reported a mosquito free night. The Saturday night was exactly the same.(without spraying again)             

Bottom line is you have 11 prospective customers. Please let me know when and where the product will be available.

Paul van Wyk 
Sekerlik,  het juis nou die dag vir die mense hier by ons Outdoor Warehouse laat weet aangesien ek dit daar gekoop het die dag toe julle daar promosie gedoen het.  Het ook vir my suster wat in VSA bly een gekry vir hulle gesin se vakansie in Kruger ens. - hulle het klein kindertjies, en die een het baie erg exseem en kan nie enigie mozzy smeer of spuit produkte op sy vel gebruik nie - jul produk het wonderlik vir hulle gewerk.

Ek het al baie van ons kliente hiervan vertel.


Heleen Hayman
Thank you so much for the AM-2. Is this the spray you had on sale at the show? If yes, I took the orange canister and it seems to be working well as we have not been resorting to other traditional mozzy eradication techniques - like those strong smelling mosquito coils for example.
Thank you again, 
Ek het onlangs ‘n 14 dae safari in Zambia se South Luangwa en Lower Zambezi Nasionale Parke gehad, waar die hoof fokus van die Safari op die tradisionele Zambiese Walking Safari metode was.  Aangesien dit erg Malaria area is, en ek nie van die Malaria tablette wil gebruik nie, is ek toe verseker van hierdie nuwe produk, Healthguard wat op ons mark is wat op klere en beddegoed ens. gespuit word.  Die ekstra voordeel is dat dit nie net vir muskiete nie, maar verskeie ander tropiese siektes voordelig is.

Aangesien ek die hele tyd deur die dig en ruig gras en bosveld van South Luangwa en Lower Zambezi areas gestap het, was dit baie voordelig aangesien ek die enigste van die mense by die verskillende lodges en kampe was wat nooit bosluise, of enige ander insekte ens op my gehad het nie.  

Ek het my hiking boots, sokkies, klere en sommer soms as ek in tent gebly het - dit ook gespuit.  Ek het geen byt of steek plekke gehad nie, en nooit enige probleem met die gewone insekte uit die lang gras ens. gehad nie.

Ek sal dit verseker vir enige iemand aanbeveel. 


Heleen Hayman
Once again confirming the multiple application of Healthguard, two grateful parents phoned me yesterday:

In the first instance a teenage daughter who has a very fair skin, suffered severely with eczema and had an extremely irritated skin on her legs. All previous treatments with antibiotics etc. proved unsuccessful. After applying AM-1 on the trousers she wears, her towel and her bed, she found some relief after about 2 weeks. After 6 weeks she is completely cured and is able to wear dresses and shorts for the first time in her life. 

The second child suffered severely from body odours (sweaty smell) and was really having a hard time at school because of this. Using Am-1 on her clothes solved this, and the parent says it is incredible to see what this has done for her child as she can now mix freely with her friends. She is also still using the same clothes which she wanted to throw away, as there is no more bad odour, not removed by normal wash, attached to them.


My dogter, byna 15 jaar, het so ietwat onwelkome aknee. Ek't haar kussing goed beide kante gespuit en nou na 'n maand is daar nog net enkele aknee.

Vrede vir jou.

I’m extremely satisfied with your product. Since I’ve used the Healthguard treated linen all signs of eczema on my body has disappeared and best of all is that I actually bought the product for repelling mosquitoes as we live opposite the dam. The mosquitoes are still there but do not come near us in the rooms where we have treated our curtains and linen with Healthguard. We even treated our grand child’s pyjamas. After changing his pyjamas and linen we noticed that he almost got carried away, which we couldn’t understand. Surprisingly we realised that the new linen and clothes had not been treated with the solution. Even my husband who does not believe in products on the market is satisfied with his pair of Mozzwear shorts which I bought him and wears it on weekends and does not even go fishing without it. 

Isabel Roos





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